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Cooking Equipments



8to 10-inch all-purpose knife is convenient. It can be used for just about anything.

Cutting board

    Cutting board

A plastic cutting board is recommended for maintaining hygiene and its usability.


A peeler is very convenient to peel potaotes, carrots and other vegetables.

Kitchen scissors

    Kitchen scissors

For cutting ingredients or opening bags. Stainless steel is recommended.

    Measuring spoons

For measuring ingredients and oil. A tablespoon is 15 ml. A teaspoon is 5 ml.

Measuring cup

    Measuring cup

For measuring liquid and powder. A 1 cup measuring cup is convenient. A heat-resistant cup is recommended. 1 cup= 8 oz.

Cooking scale

    Cooking scale

For weighing.



For seasoing, marinating, tossing, and mixing ingredients. It is convenient to have different sizes available.


For draining water from vegetables and other ingredients.



The most basic equipment for cooking such as simmering, boiling and others.

Frying pan

    Frying pan

Essential for stir frying, simmering, boiling, pan-frying and others. It is very convenient if it is fluoroplastic , 10 inch in diameter, and has a certain depth.

Frying pan lid

    Frying pan lid

It should match the size of the frying pan. It is very useful for escalloping and simmering.

    Wooden spatula

For stir frying or mxing.

    Rubber spatula

For scooping sauce or sticky material out. It can also be used for mixing ingredients.



For serving soup.

    Spatula (Turner)

For flipping or scooping. It is better that the material is same as a frying pan in order not to get scratches.


For whipping eggs and cream, and mixing dressing.

    Paper towel

For drying ingredients, removing extra grease, cleaning etc.

Aluminium foil

    Aluminum foil

For covering or wrapping food to prevent unwanted browning or burning.

    Plastic wrap

For covering food while in a microwave and for storing food in a refrigerator or freezer.

    Rice cooker

For cooking rice. It is convenient.


For toasting breads, cooking fish covered by aluminum foil etc.


For heating food, steaming vegetables and other various uses.


Presets cooking time for evenly cooked food. A sound will let you know it's ready.