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2.2 lb Box

HONDASHI®is the world’s best seafood stock. Made with dried bonito of the highest quality, HONDASHI®delivers unparalleled taste and remarkable cost performance.
HONDASHI®gives your dishes incredible depth, richness, and nuance utilizing the UMAMI element.
HONDASHI®can be used in a variety of cuisines from authentic Japanese to American, such as salad dressings.
With HONDASHI®, achieving a successful dish with your intended cost is easy.
HONDASHI®saves time. You no longer need to make stock from scratch.
HONDASHI®is made using the highest technology in Japan and the most selective bonito for the specific purpose of making the best stock.
HONDASHI®has the best bonito flavor.
HONDASHI®is surely an indispensable cooking tool in the kitchen.

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