From Our CEO

Welcome to a world of high quality cultural cuisine. My name is Bernard Kreilmann and I am the CEO of Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc.

Ajinomoto is a global, leading Japanese company who discovered ‘umami’ which is also called the fifth taste. I have dedicated resources and research towards delivering delicious and healthy solutions to consumers worldwide for the past 100 years.

In the United States, we are focusing mostly on ethnic frozen food solution for retailers and other form of operators. Our core expertise is in Asian, Mexican, Italian, and Appetizer products. Our mission is to deliver ‘WOW’s” by creating the best tasting product and using the best quality ingredients. Our goal is to help everyone discover new flavors and enjoy the convenience of a prepared solution that they can fully trust.

As a company, we also believe in the importance of being a responsible, corporate citizen. Our business decisions are motivated by contributing towards improving peoples’ lives and providing access to quality food for all.

Our three core values are simple and inspire us in everything we here at Ajinomoto.

  1. Quality.
    Quality in delivering great experiences to our customers by using the best ingredients and matching a home-cooked or restaurant quality meal.
  2. Innovation.
    Innovation is our first ingredient. From generating new ideas to the development of a new cooking method. In order to deliver the most authentic experience.
  3. Collaboration.
    Collaboration is we believe in the value of diversity and the idea of bringing together different opinions and expertise to create new and differentiated solutions.

Getting to know Ajinomoto is discovering an organization that has a deep passion for food cultures and food flavors where we are working together to cook your next amazing meal. We embrace creativity, sustainability, and progress to live by our core principle: Eat Well, Live Well.