About Us

A leader in the world of ethnic frozen foods and appetizers, Ajinomoto Foods North America was the first to
market and sell frozen family favorites such as one-step potstickers, breaded mozzarella cheese sticks, and more.


Who We Are

Ajinomoto Foods North America is a leading frozen foods company, committed to providing nutritious and delicious meals globally. With a rich history of diverse ethnic brands, our brands have become household favorites all across America.

What is Umami?

You may be familiar with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter food, but only Umami can balance the other four primary tastes.

Vision & Mission

Learn about the principles that guide our passionate company every day.

Our Core Values

Discover why we emphasize the importance of quality, innovation and collaboration at our company: Quality, Innovation, and Collaboration.

Our History

Explore our company’s many decades of history that helped us become an industry leader in ethnic frozen foods and appetizers.

Company Leadership

Our seasoned leaders are innovators comfortable with challenging norms and delivering more value to customers.