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Brands and Products

From Asian to Mexican to Italian, Ajinomoto Foods North America is the brand leader among the largest categories of ethnic frozen foods, and across every distribution channel including foodservice, grocery, warehouse club, and custom manufacturing.

Consumer Brands

Convenient and tasty for all ages

We've got your breakfast, lunch, and dinner needs covered. Explore the trusted brands our consumers turn to in their kitchen freezer for authentic flavor in all their frozen entrees. We also provide a variety of Asian sauces and other flavor enhancers to ensure a tasty dining experience.

Foodservice Brands

Global Flavors Worth Savoring

Ajinomoto Foods North America Foodservice makes it easy to menu the flavors of the world with premium frozen appetizers, handhelds, entrees and sides. With trusted industry brands that save time and labor, our products meet the needs of every operation.

Seasonings & Sauces

A dash or splash makes all the difference

Sometimes a dish needs a little extra something to elevate its flavor to the next level. Learn how our seasonings and sauces can liven up your next meal.