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Ajinomoto Foods North America Debuts Authentic Japanese-Style Gyoza Exclusively at Costco

ONTARIO, CA (Dec. 19, 2023) – Ajinomoto Foods North America is bringing its authentic Japanese-style Hane Gyoza to the U.S. The Japanese-style dumplings will be available starting this month at Costco locations across the Northwest.

Gyoza is a traditional Japanese delicacy. From a game-day feast of heavy appetizers to a “semi-homemade dinner party,” these Japanese-style dumplings can elevate any meal.

“We are excited to share a culinary masterpiece that reflects a commitment to excellence, authenticity, and the artistry of Japanese cuisine,” states Taro Komura, Chief Commercial Officer at Ajinomoto Foods North America. “Costco was very interested when they saw our product in Japan and knew it was something their U.S. customers would love.”

This new, unique style of gyoza is easy to cook without oil and is unlike other gyoza or potstickers seen in stores or restaurants in the U.S.

The perfect gyoza flip – “cook, flip, enjoy” – results in a perfect golden-brown exterior, delivering a delightful crispiness that encases the succulent and flavorful meat. The result is a delicious blend of textures and tastes, creating a crispy, juicy, and undeniably authentic Japanese Gyoza.

Hane Gyoza comes in boxes of 60 for $14.99 and is available at Costco locations in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington. To find Ajinomoto Authentic Japanese Style Gyoza at a Costo near you, visit Costco.com.

Ajinomoto Foods North America

As a leading manufacturer with over 100 years of cooking and innovating in the frozen food industry, Ajinomoto Foods North America is dedicated to contributing to wellbeing through delicious and nutritious foods. We have infused every ounce of our insatiable passion for amazing taste and diverse cultures into our brand philosophy of Eat Well. Live Well.

Our core purpose is to make everyday eating a happy experience. Our core values that help us achieve this include sharing the joy of food, prioritizing quality as our number one ingredient, collaborating as one team, commitment to performance, and pride in caring for one another.

To learn more, visit www.ajinomotofoods.com

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