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Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc. To Strengthen Its Missouri Presence in Joplin Area

Ontario, Calif., April 26, 2017 – Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc., a leading company in the frozen food industry, will support the expansion of its frozen foods business in North America by building a new frozen appetizer production plant in Joplin, Mo., the company announced today. The new facility, which is located near its existing plant in Carthage, will open in late 2017.

The company also announced that it has entered into a sales agreement to transition ownership of its Piedmont, Mo., food manufacturing facility to Today’s Food, LLC, an affiliate of Tasty Brands, LLC, a U.S.-based food manufacturer of frozen and refrigerated food products.

“With the new facility in Joplin and our current Carthage plant, Ajinomoto Windsor will be centralizing our Missouri operations to create efficiency for suppliers, end users and management,” said Bernard Kreilmann, president and chief executive officer of Ajinomoto Windsor. “The Piedmont community has supported us for more than 20 years, and we are confident it will offer the same support to Today’s Food, LLC.”

“We have been very impressed by the Piedmont community and the employees at the facility” said David Horowitz, President of both Today’s Food, LLC, and Tasty Brands, LLC. “We look forward to working with the Ajinomoto Windsor team to smoothly transition the facility to our Missouri-based entity, Today’s Food, LLC.”

Frozen appetizers is a food category that grows by 5-8% each year.  The $39 million Joplin plant will bring between 220-240 news jobs to the community.

Ownership of the Piedmont facility is scheduled to transfer to Today’s Foods, LLC in early 2018. During this transition, Ajinomoto Windsor’s Piedmont facility will remain open and in full operation and customers will see no impact in their service.

About Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc.

With a vision to create meaningful food experiences through high quality ingredients and innovative technologies, Ajinomoto Windsor Inc., is a leader in the frozen food industry. We are committed to providing consumers nutritious and premium meals that honor our rich history of diverse ethnic brands. From Asian, Italian, or Mexican flavors – Ajinomoto Windsor satisfies consumers varied tastes with its broad palate of products. It is our mission to create memorable experiences through our meals, and to ensure that our food not only tastes great, but feels great. To learn more about our dedication to bringing quality meals to your table, visit www.ajinomotowindsor.com.

About Tasty Brands, LLC and Today’s Food, LLC

Tasty Brands, LLC, and Today’s Food are manufacturers and marketers of products with a focus on the foodservice and private brand retail channels.  We are committed to providing our customers with great tasting, cutting edge products that are also cost effective.  Our experience in the elementary and secondary school marketplace and the retail private brand category allows us to leverage our expertise to create on-trend products that are relevant to our customers.  We believe that to continue to be a valued partner to our customers, we need to continuously improve upon our commitment to our employees and the communities that we work in.  To learn more about our products and company values please visit us at www.tastybrandsk12.com and www.todaysfood.com.


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