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The Original Chili Bowl Celebrates 70th Anniversary, Remains Leader in Foodservice


What began in 1947 as a local restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma serving some of the best chili around has become the leading provider of frozen chili for restaurants around the country. The Original Chili Bowl, an Ajinomoto Windsor brand, is excited to announce the celebration of its 70th anniversary with a special promotion on their popular items.

The Original Chili Bowl uses fresh ground beef with savory herbs and spices that are kettle cooked over a slow fire to create the home-style taste we all know and love. Whether restaurants are looking to serve a classic bowl of delicious chili or integrate it into other menu items, such as chili cheese fries or a loaded baked potato, The Original Chili Bowl is there to help.

Produced in a leading-edge manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas; The Original Frozen Chili Bowl products are flash vacuum chilled to hold in flavor, freshness, quality, and increased shelf life. They are ready to eat and easy to prepare – you only need to thaw, heat, and serve!

“Ajinomoto Windsor and The Original Chili Bowl have a long history of providing high quality products to customers nationwide, and we are proud to be able to share this anniversary with everyone,” stated Brad Kumin, Vice President of Foodservice Marketing for Ajinomoto Windsor.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary, The Original Chili Bowl is offering a Buy One, Get One Free special on their most popular frozen chili products, including: Homestyle Chili, Traditional American Chili, and Hot Dog Chili Sauce. The offer is valid from July 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.

For more information on the promotion or to learn about The Original Chili Bowl’s history, products and recipes, please visit the following link: http://theoriginalchilibowlfoodservice.com/anniversary/

About the Original Chili Bowl: 
The Original Chili Bowl is a leading manufacturer and supplier of frozen chili products that are served at restaurants throughout the United States daily. Founded in 1947, the company’s mission is to provide high quality, home-style products that empower restaurants and keep diners coming back for more. The Texas chili bowl is a homestyle chili that is sure to satisfy any craving for great chili.

About Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc.: 
With a vision to create meaningful food experiences through high quality ingredients and innovative technologies, Ajinomoto Windsor Inc. serves as a leading company in the frozen chili industry. The company honors its commitment towards providing nutritious and premium meals for all consumers through its rich history of diverse ethnic brands. Whether you are seeking Asian, Italian, or Mexican flavors – Ajinomoto Windsor is dedicated to satisfying your needs. It is the company’s mission to create memorable experiences through its meals, and to deliver food that not only tastes great, but feels great. To learn more about Ajinomoto Windsor’s dedication to bringing quality meals to your table, visit: http://www.ajinomotowindsor.com

Ajinomoto Windsor, Inc. 
4200 East Concours Drive, #100 
Ontario, CA 91764 

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